International Workshop on Monte Carlo Techniques in Medical Physics

Monte Carlo applications in radiation medicine have covered the area of radiation dosimetry, shielding as well as radiation therapy treatment planning, imaging and the improvement of understanding of the link between physics parameters of the radiation delivery and therapy success. Monte Carlo applications are also being integrated with other technologies, such as inverse optimization, deformable image registration, machine learning techniques, etc. 

The fifth International MC Workshop attempts to bring together developers of MC technologies with users from clinical, industry and academic backgrounds. Topics discussed will be code development, variance reduction, clinical implementation and evaluation, parallel processing, GPUs, planning and correlation studies, applications in adaptive radiation therapy, imaging and dosimetry as well as integration of MC techniques with non-MC related applications involving machine learning and radiation biology modelling.

The workshop is co-organized by McGill University and Université Laval and hosted at Université Laval.



Luc Beaulieu, Ph.D., Université Laval, Québec 

Philippe Després, Ph.D., Université Laval, Québec

Issam El Naqa, Ph.D., McGill University, Montréal

Jan Seuntjens, Ph.D., McGill University, Montréal

Local committee:

Daniel Maneval, PhD student, Université Laval

Jean-François Montégiani, MSc student, Université Laval

Isabelle Poulin, Département de physique, de génie physique et d'optique, Université Laval